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Holistic healing, Yoga and Sex, Relationships & Intimacy Coaching in Vancouver. Offering sessions of Sexological Bodywork, Tantra Yoga and energy healing with Tantra massage for your reawakening and well-being.


The art of loving touch

Speaking and living my truth has changed me and taught me many things about the nature of consciousness and the power that we all have to be master creators of our lives. I now offer my gifts to the world through my unique and personal sessions which draw on Tantra, Tao and Somatic Sexology.

I love to guide souls into new vistas as they learn how to open to the truth, receive and enjoy sensual pleasure and dissolve barriers to Love.

My specialities include:

  • Tantra Yoga marrying spirituality and sexuality including breathwork and meditation with conscious touch and connection
  • Private one-on-one sessions to facilitate profound growth and healing through hands on body and energy work and intimacy coaching
  • Guiding people transitioning to new expressions of themselves in areas such as polyamory and sacred kink
  • Helping people find their edges to facilitate powerful breakthroughs
  • Empowering people in their sexuality
  • Deeper intimacy tools for individual and couples
  • Cultivating conscious communication skills
  • Developing and deepening a yoga and meditation practice

Devoted to your erotic awakening, to help you achieve a higher state of awareness showing you how to deal with your sexuality. Work with me to discover sexual fulfillment and how to improve and enrich your intimate relationship.


Being embodied means being fully present and awake
in our bodies and able to connect to the inner wisdom they provide.

Sexual energy or ‘eros’ is a great source of life force and magic. Connecting with and finding balance in our erotic energy helps connect us deeply with life source and nourishes and inspires our lives.

Many of us were brought up in cultures in which shame and taboo blocked our potential for freedom of sexual expression and exploration. Our sexual ‘shadows’ prevent us from truly accepting and embracing ourselves as we are.

The intention behind my work is to help you connect to your body’s wisdom, embrace the light and the dark in you and expand your experience of the sensual and erotic. By connecting with and accepting who we truly are we deepen our potential for pleasure and embody our bliss, allowing us to move towards leading more fulfilling and empowered lives and connect deeply to the flow of life and its magic.


“Don’t move the way fear makes you move.
Move the way love makes you move.
Move the way joy makes you move.”
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